Stage. Then Rage.  

Sweft enables marketing teams to prep for new marketing campaign launches from the very inception of a new SKU to an entire season. Simple dashboard views and team/project-based collaboration tools facilitate syncing innovative marketing campaigns with same day product launches. 

Create, prep, budget and execute marketing campaigns to launch the very instant new product is system verified as available, published online and ready to ship!  


Organization Wide New SKU Visibility
Automated Task Approval Process
Tracks All Campaign Responsibilities
Marketing & Merchandising Team Sync
Easy Team Expansion To Include External Marketing Resources

New SKU Alerts

Receive instant alerts when new SKU's are in process toward planning innovative, market relevant marketing campaigns. 

Campaign Sync

Sweft automatically syncs marketing campaigns with upcoming product launches, adjusting timelines if needed.  

Campaign Tracker

A consolidated dashboard view that provides real time visibility into roles & responsibilities, assigned tasks. 

Campaign Approvals

Submit marketing campaign proposals for budget approval. Itemizing proposed components & agencies for sub approval.