Copy Writing

Copy. On Trend.  

Sweft enables creative copy as soon as enough data has been gathered to furnish creative copy writers with adequate detail to infuse their creative magic into any new SKU launch.
Sweft automatically notifies Copywriters the instant a new SKU has accumulated sufficient product data to facilitate creative copy that evokes emotion and solicits purchase in sync with on-trend consumer taste.  



Copy Writing Collaboration Tools
Automated Approval Process
Auto Indexing of Iterations
Automatic SKU Association
Auto Process Based Publishing

SKU Queue

Sweft automatically prioritizes SKUs requiring copy as process timelines evolve in real time. 


Sweft collects and pre-screens every element of data per SKU, including final images prior to initiating copy requests. 


Each submitted iteration draft is complimented by prior approval commentary and edit suggestions.

Automated Publishing

Approved copy stages directly into production or pre-production contingent on other process variables in progress.