Image To Asset.  

A picture speaks a thousand words and historically with the creation of new SKUs, images are often retouched as many times. Sweft mitigates the risk of the retouching process spiraling into an often frustrating, time-intensive game of version control.
With Sweft, the creative retouch team receives accurate information, direction and required timelines with each image enhancement request. Which is automatically ingested into Sweft's version control catalog to further optimize efficiencies.


Workload Stacked By Process Priority
Synced Photo Studio Collaboration
Auto Image Naming Convention
Automatic SKU Association
Automatic QR Code Generation

Automatic Image Assignment

Sweft automatically converts lengthy image file names into it's associated SKU product name for easy reference. 

QR Code Creation

Track, reference, transport workflow to any medium and quickly reference images in their current retouch state by QR code.  

Final Image Approval

Each submitted retouch automatically triggers final image approval until the iteration cycle completes.

Digital Asset Management

Every image is auto indexed into Sweft's digital asset management library, referenceable by SKU or QR code.