Information Technology:

Information Technology

More CPU's. Less Headaches. 

Sweft is a SaaS based, open architected middleware service offering. Devoid of compromise in process, tasked with a single mission... creating a non-invasive process middleware that can be remotely configured and virtually delivered with zero impact to any organization’s topology.
Deployment of Sweft requires a simple meeting in due diligence to take inventory of existing ERP, PLM and process related systems to prep Sweft for a single day of testing prior to deployment of pre-configured organizational-based processes. 


Seemless Deployment
API Centric Integration
Zero Platform Management Required
Automatic Platform Updates
Real Time Disaster Recovery Back Up Intervals

Easy Deployment

Sweft is SaaS-based middleware that works alongside your ERP, PLM and data publishing systems.  

Open Architecture

Sweft is an API-centric application purposely built for seamless non-invasive integration, operating in a read/write capacity.  

Dashboard Control

Easily modify user privileges, process controls, workflow & system notifications via an intuitive system administrator control dashboard. 


Sweft is proudly managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) affording near 99.9% up time complimented by burstable scale .  

As a retailer, you need more than just another PIM system — Sweft’s PWM platform is the central source of truth for faster GTM, optimizing workflows across departments from merchandising to marketing.  Increase your margins by eliminating the many spreadsheets and improving the efficiency of every step from product selection to sell-on-time, to deliver engaging product experiences across digital channels from one integrated platform to ensure highly profitable product launches, with Sweft’s easy-to-use Product Workflow Management system.

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Sweft is a state of the art SAAS platform that organizes and automates the complex merchandising process. Sweft simply makes retail operations run faster, with more flexibility and agility to enable aggressive GTM strategies. Read More.


At Sweft, we operate with a simple philosophy…efficiency. From optimizing workflow for retail to our sales methodology. We will not engage to waste a clients time if we do see a path to providing efficiencies in excess of 30%+ savings in process efficiencies delivered.


Once deployed, Sweft becomes an integral component of any client organization’s daily operations. We provide 24/7 global support to assist with any questions, support requests &/or unanticpated emergencies. We are not just a software company, we become a part of your team.