Information Technology

More CPU's. Less Headaches. 

Sweft is a SaaS based, open architected middleware service offering. Devoid of compromise in process, tasked with a single mission... creating a non-invasive process middleware that can be remotely configured and virtually delivered with zero impact to any organization’s topology.
Deployment of Sweft requires a simple meeting in due diligence to take inventory of existing ERP, PLM and process related systems to prep Sweft for a single day of testing prior to deployment of pre-configured organizational-based processes. 


Seemless Deployment
API Centric Integration
Zero Platform Management Required
Automatic Platform Updates
Real Time Disaster Recovery Back Up Intervals

Easy Deployment

Sweft is SaaS-based middleware that works alongside your ERP, PLM and data publishing systems.  

Open Architecture

Sweft is an API-centric application purposely built for seamless non-invasive integration, operating in a read/write capacity.  

Dashboard Control

Easily modify user privileges, process controls, workflow & system notifications via an intuitive system administrator control dashboard. 


Sweft is proudly managed by Amazon Web Services (AWS) affording near 99.9% up time complimented by burstable scale .