Online Retail

Publish With Ease.  

The final frontier between a new product launch and global reach. Sweft enables swift deployment of any new product &/or category via a series of departmental pre-screening activities mandating all data, spec., copy and photography has received approval and clearance to go to market irrespective of the departmental sequence of readiness.
The online retail team has complete, organizational wide visibility as to all pending launches, their due date, progress, stage in process. However, only receiving approved & final SKU's for publishing that have been validated as complete and ready before submission to the online retail team is permitted.  


Pre-checked Data Sets
Pre-check Image Dimensions
Pre-Apporved Copy & Photography.
SEO Optimized Data Sets
Full Visibility Into Departmental SKU Development

SKU Flow

Sweft automatically stacks SKU's in order of publishing priority from the very inception of the product. 

Auto Spec Check

SKU's presented for final publishing are pre-checked for all required product spec and approved copy prior to launch request. 

Auto Ingest

Sweft may be configured to auto-import all production ready, process cleared SKU's directly into your eComm platform.

Launch Notification

Publishing new SKU's simultaneously alerts all process stakeholders the moment a product has gone to market.