Unrivaled Process Visibilty. 

Sweft provides planning teams with unprecedented process visibility. Monitor every SKU, in every stage of process from design to sale in a single, simplified dashboard view.
Receive instant alerts at any stage of the process that could cause potential delays in GTM deadlines. View process performance to identify weak links and optimize timeline efficiencies.


Real Time Process Updates
Choke Point Alerts
Process Analytics
Timeline Benchmarking
Vendor Progress Visbility

Real Time Alerts

Receive instant notification when any SKU is delayed in process internally or with external operators.

Auto Option

Authorize or modify suggested re-process scenarios to meet auto-optimized timeline reconfigurations. 

Auto Comms

Inform all remaining process stakeholders of timeline updates with a single click. Auto reschedule final touch points by priority. 

Auto Correct

View & correct process failure points via comprehensive benchmark analytic performance dashboard views.