Sample Management:

Sample Management

Right. The First Time. 

Sweft simplifies all of the associated complexities of sample management. Collaborate in a linear, departmental cross-function capacity to manage any number of samples anywhere in your organization.
Easily receive, transfer and track physical samples in and outside your company, with time-saving features that minimize data entry and encourage sound management of these key assets.  Requests and receipts of samples are automated to minimize repetition in task.



Sample Data Validation
Sample Approval Processing
Product Tear Sheet Creation
Auto GTM Scheduling
Sample Process Alerts

Auto Requests

Sweft automatically requests process initiated vendor samples, complete with follow-up comms to ensure compliance.

  Sample Card Creation 

Sweft creates detailed sample tracking forms complete with QR codes to easily identify sample locations in real time.  

Vendor Validation

Receive instant notification of vendor sample shipments &/or receive delivery delay notifications. 

Auto Scheduler

Sweft auto schedules photography, copy and publishing deadlines instantly upon vendor shipment confirmation.   

As a retailer, you need more than just another PIM system — Sweft’s PWM platform is the central source of truth for faster GTM, optimizing workflows across departments from merchandising to marketing.  Increase your margins by eliminating the many spreadsheets and improving the efficiency of every step from product selection to sell-on-time, to deliver engaging product experiences across digital channels from one integrated platform to ensure highly profitable product launches, with Sweft’s easy-to-use Product Workflow Management system. Contact us and schedule your demo today!