Vendor Management

Managing The Unimaginable.

GTM product delays cost 2% loss in gross margin daily. From broken vendor equipment to weather delays, Sweft's algorithm instantly recalculates, reschedules & reprioritizes a lines entire GTM schedule,  delivering departmental relevant alerts to each process stakeholder for approval of the newly calibrated GTM strategy. Keeping your entire organization informed in real time, capitalizing on global supply time zone delta's, optimization of resources, studio time and departmental talent.


Web Based Vendor Portals
Read & Write or Write Only Privileges
Task Specific Process Platform Links
Easy SKU Detail Share Controls
Manufacturing Progress Dashboard Views

Vendor Portals

Include your Vendors as part of your PWM strategy. Enable vendors to view &/or input process relevant data in real time. 

Real Time Alerts

Each process stakeholder is informed of sample &/or product manufacturing or logistical delays in real time.

GTM Alerts

Algorithmically derived alternative SKU launch scenarios are instantly displayed for multi-thread &/or departmental approval. 

Performance Analytics

View comprehensive vendor delivery performance dashboard analytics against contractual commitments & obligations.