Warehouse Operations

Handled With Care.  

At Sweft, we like to say short term product terminal. Our goal is to keep your warehouse from becoming a long term storage facility for sale rack inventory.
Our process is simple and effective.  When product arrives, all product related stake holders are notified and a pick ticket is created to deliver the product to it's next assigned stage in process (e.g.  Photography).
In the event physical product report absent from process. Sweft promptly notifies all forward facing process stakeholders, including planning of the SKU's last received location and latency created. While automatically adjusting all GTM departmental timelines should the delay ultimately impact process. 


Automated Stakeholder Delivery Notifications
Unclaimed Inventory Alerts
Prioritized Shipment Processing Dashboard
Prioritized Inventory Shipping Manifests
Non-Invasive Easy ERP/PLM Integration

Samples Received

Sweft automatically notifies all stakeholders and triggers pre-production activities & timelines . 

Product Recieved

Sweft automatically notifies all stakeholders and triggers product launch activities while validating GTM timeline. 

Product Unclaimed

Sweft automatically notifies all stakeholders and proposes refreshed GTM priority & timeline.

Product Delivered

Sweft notifies Planning, Merchandizing & releases pre-approved final product spec to the online team for publishing.  

As a retailer, you need more than just another PIM system — Sweft’s PWM platform is the central source of truth for faster GTM, optimizing workflows across departments from merchandising to marketing.  Increase your margins by eliminating the many spreadsheets and improving the efficiency of every step from product selection to sell-on-time, to deliver engaging product experiences across digital channels from one integrated platform to ensure highly profitable product launches, with Sweft’s easy-to-use Product Workflow Management system. Contact us about our warehouse operations and schedule your demo today!