Executive Management:

Executive Management

Go To Market. Not to Discount. 

Finally,  an end to countless meetings in constant SKU progress review. In real time, view your entire organization's progress on every SKU launch, zero in on SKUs choked in process to identify areas for departmental/process improvement.
From optional process alerts to comprehensive dashboard views. Sweft enables complete visibility of organization-based SKU development with pin-point accuracy at scale.  

Decrease GTM Timelines
Increase Gross Profit
Monitor Product Launch Progress In Real Time
Improve Employee Satisfaction
Eliminate Inventory & Margin Loss

Dashboard Control

View your entire organizations progress in process in launching new SKUs in real time. Identify process delays in a single click.  

Process Alerts

Receive custom alerts from the most macro>micro level in real-time when SKUs get delayed in process.

Contextual Communications

From departmental managers to individual process contributors. View all process  related delay communications in context. 

Zero Inventory Loss

Sweft guarantees mitigating the risk of valuable inventory margin loss. Track launch logistics from product conception to publishing online.  

As a retailer, you need more than just another PIM system — Sweft’s PWM platform is the central source of truth for faster GTM, optimizing workflows across departments from merchandising to marketing.  Increase your margins by eliminating the many spreadsheets and improving the efficiency of every step from product selection to sell-on-time, to deliver engaging product experiences across digital channels from one integrated platform to ensure highly profitable product launches, with Sweft’s easy-to-use Product Workflow Management system. Contact us about how we can help your executive management and schedule your demo today!