Sweft's Product Workflow Management platform weaves together every step from design to sell-on-time toward profitable SKU launches for premium brands across the Globe.

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A -20% minimum savings in Gross Profit.
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Sweft Product Workflow Management

Sweft is a feature-rich Product Workflow Management (PWM) SaaS platform. Customized to your organization's existing processes with suggested improvements by our industry accredited SME's. Sweft ensures every product, irrespective of organization size, SKU volume or design velocity is tracked, monitored and reported until verified as revenue-producing online &/or in-store. 


From vendor product ship notifications auto scheduling photo studio time to issuing final copy deadlines for creative. Sweft assigns and holds all team members accountable to complete their respective tasks in sequence with simple dashboard controls illuminating potential points of delay before they happen.  Learn more…


Providing one version of the truth, in real time...all of the time. Sweft negates the need for utilizing often multi-versioned, error prone excel spreadsheets to execute your GTM strategies and related processes. User enforced, process validated, ERP & PLM co-ordinated complete and accurate data simply gets products to market faster. 
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First to market... owns the market. From creation of on-trend designs to merchandising the final product, Sweft guarantees 100% flawless process controls that cultivate a relaxed workflow environment, streamline inter-departmental communications and provide organization-wide granular visibility into highly profitable new SKU launches.  
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At Sweft, we recognize how daunting the migration from existing processes, however inefficient, to a new process might seem.  At Sweft, we do not try to "boil the ocean". We have perfected an effective, methodical deployment strategy that migrates your most inefficient processes into the platform. We then reverse integrate into your existing process until it is surpassed by platform adoption, and the old workflows are retired with zero disruption to your daily operations.
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Where product meets demand in a timely capacity. 

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Is Always Working

Capitalize on vs. suffer time zone differentials. Sweft constantly pushes process from internal stakeholders to International vendor manufacturers the instant required data &/or required actions have been completed to trigger the next step in SKU creation. 

Never Makes Mistakes

Once deployed, Sweft meticulously adheres to the multi-thread processes it was programed to execute. Simulataneoulsy notifying all stake holders of actions required, alerting to potential process delay's with granularity in accountability via real time dashboard controls.

Meets Every Deadline

Sweft is programmatically perfect. Coded with infinite fail safe redundancies. From the inception of a new product design. Sweft creates and tracks every required step in process toward SKU launch  mitigating the possibility of human error while reporting every mistake. 

Loved By All

An informed team makes a happy team. Sweft assigns, defines and alerts each process stake holder as to their current or pending actionable items only as relevant to process. Collaborative efficiency that provides intangible savings in time &/or communications overlap.

As a retailer, you need more than just another PIM system — the Sweft PWM platform is the central source of truth for faster GTM, optimizing workflows across departments from merchandising to marketing.  Increase your margins by eliminating the many spreadsheets and improving the efficiency of every step from product selection to sell-on-time, to deliver engaging product experiences across digital channels from one integrated platform to ensure highly profitable product launches, with the Sweft PWM easy-to-use Product Workflow Management system. Contact us and schedule your demo today!


Sweft is a state of the art SAAS platform that organizes and automates the complex merchandising process. Sweft simply makes retail operations run faster, with more flexibility and agility to enable aggressive GTM strategies. Read More.


At Sweft, we operate with a simple philosophy…efficiency. From optimizing workflow for retail to our sales methodology. We will not engage to waste a clients time if we do see a path to providing efficiencies in excess of 30%+ savings in process efficiencies delivered.


Once deployed, Sweft becomes an integral component of any client organization’s daily operations. We provide 24/7 global support to assist with any questions, support requests &/or unanticpated emergencies. We are not just a software company, we become a part of your team.